As the modern world of technology has evolved, so has our potential to be distracted from our original biological purpose of life.  


This alongside the toxic negative mental consequences of stress and anxiety creates a powerfully disruptive mind-body disconnect, leading to unnecessary daily struggles and set backs. 

Exercising the body stimulates and strengthens the mind providing stability and focus. In turn, a stronger mind empowers you with increased endurance enabling you to push your body harder and for longer.


It’s a great natural synergy that will drive you to your best positive mindset and boost your immune system too. 

It sounds simple but because of our distracted lifestyles, we need to realign and keep checking in with ourselves with some primal objectives. 

The majority of clients and students I have assisted and observed in the last 23 years are stuck in a back and forth cycle of on and off the fitness wagon, 10 lbs off 15 back on non stop pattern, constantly loosing momentum and will.



Let me tell you that this habit is hard to break!  You need to take control and implement a new regime and my Primal Alignment program is a step by step plan to accomplish that.


Zoom Goal Setting & Lifestyle questionnaire


50 USD 


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Zoom / Skype Goal Setting & Lifestyle Questionnaire 

$80 / £65 / 300 AED 



Tailored Progressive Workout Videos

Nutrition Plan


(Sleep, Stress, Toxicity, 

Digestive & Endocrine Systems) 


$110 / £90 / 400 AED

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Zoom Weekly / Monthly Check In! 

Reassessment & Adjustment Analysis 

Transformation Photos

$55 / £45 / 200 AED