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Franky joined the British Army in 1990 at the age of 16, and after completing his training, was introduced to a specialised Commando regiment known as 29 Commando RA. 

This unique regiment provides artillery fire support for the Royal Marines during their global operational campaigns.  In order to become one of these few fine men, Franky had to pass the All Arms Commando Course (AACC) at the Royal Marines Commando Training Centre. This involved 10 weeks of grueling speed marches and heavy  endurance marches while carrying over 100lbs. This program was designed to constantly test a soldier's physical and mental capabilities, living weeks sleep deprived in the field while in a tactical environment. 


In addition, there are pass or fail performance tests throughout the course, 30ft rope climb, Regain rope technique, assault course, Tarzan course, Endurance course, 20km Load Carry, and the infamous 30 Miler. Yes that’s 48km of navigating with a map and compass though check points across moorland carrying equipment in 7 hours. 


Franky passed the course in December 1991, earning the coveted Green Beret, and was the youngest on a course that had only a 30% pass rate.  


He then spent the following 8 years being trained as an elite soldier. Tasks included cross country skiing across mountain ranges in the Norwegian Arctic to survival exercises in the Bruneian & Malaysian Jungles.


Adapting to multiple combat training systems across the globe from Canada, USA, South Africa & South East Asia.  

He competed in many endurance events both military and civilian including severe trekking routes across the island of Corsica to a 100 km night run in the Swiss Alps.



During his time as a soldier, he qualified as a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for his regiment and moved branches to the Commando Training Wing, instructing on an intense course, preparing soldiers for their attempt to also earn the Green Beret. At this time in 1997, he started Personal Training civilian clients in his local area too. He took great pride in this role and he decided to leave the combat world in order to pursue his passion for instructing and coaching fitness.  A posting to the Recruit Training Centre Pirbright was the next chapter in his career. Here, he spent 2 years training and re-wiring young civilians into soldiers, turning boys into men. 


In 2001 he passed a selection course and transferred into the Army Physical Training Corps (APTC).  This 30 week course teaches, molds, and qualifies students to become a Regimental level Sergeant Instructor for all physical training matters, including, combat fitness program design, mountain expedition leader, sports events organiser, sports coach and official for athletics / boxing / cross country.  Injury rehabilitation modules are all covered on the course and a Certificate of Higher Education in Sports Science is also achieved by all participants. 

Franky earned the opportunity of training the Queens Grenadier Guards in 2003.  With this traditional and competitive Battalion, he conducted many Combat Fitness Tests, organized boxing tournaments, led 3 tours to the summit of Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain, and established Rock Climbing systems inside safari parks.  During this time he also continued his Personal Training work with clients and celebrities in and around London. 


After a very eventful and fulfilling 15 year military career, the hard decision was made to leave the military and on to the next chapter of his career.  In 2005, Franky moved to Dubai, UAE one of the fastest developing and multicultural countries in the world. Dubai, is a very safe, progressive, and modern Emirate and is a very cool place to live. 


Franky has spent the past 15 years building his own personal brand and a solid reputation. He has singlehandedly created his own personal training business achieving great results coaching individuals to reach their full potential.  

He has built the busiest Bootcamp in the region with 250 attendees per week! Designed and coordinated fitness events, conducted specialized Government team training concepts.


He is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at the legendary TK MMA & Fitness. Franky has also fought in the cage at DFC 1 which gave him a deep insight into training and preparing professional fighters. Moreover, he has had the honor of training famous World Champion fighters thanks to Tam Khan and is a qualified, active Boxing & MMA referee. 

Franky has also organized charity events to help raise funds for Autistic children and has conducted various corporate health training, presentations and team-building concepts. 

With his experience and knowledge, Franky is the proud inventor and designer of the XRIG, the world's first 1 man-portable 6 man training rig.  Dubai is Franky's home now and for the foreseeable future... so watch this space! 

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